Beauty & Fashion

makeup-brush-1746322_1920I haven’t always had an interest in beauty and fashion, and honestly it’s probably on the bottom of my priority list in my day-to-day routine. I prefer low-maintenance routines with minimal amount of effort. Occasionally, I do like to take the time and doll myself up. If I had to pick my favorite aspect, it would definitely be the makeup. I am always in awe of transformational makeup, and I love to see the before and after of people who have had it done. I sometimes try to convince friends and family to let me give them makeovers every once in a while.

eyelash-curler-1761855_1920I had once considered getting into cosmetology and focusing strictly on makeup, but I hadn’t really done enough research to find out that cosmetology focuses more on hair (at least for the schools I visited) and that makeup artistry was something separate. At that point though, I hadn’t felt entirely passionate about doing makeup since it was more of a hobby than anything (I still enjoy doing makeup for friends and family) so I decided to pursue other career choices. To this day I continue to keep myself updated on the latest trends using YouTube. As far fashion goes, I’m still learning but I try to look for different styling tips whenever I get a chance.