Comic Books & Graphic Novels

comics-495258_1920The X-Men series was my gateway into the comic book and graphic novel world. I grew up watching the 1992 X-Men series and the X-Men: Evolution series. My friends and I spent a good majority of our childhood watching the shows and then creating our own original characters to “play pretend” in the X-Men universe. I started to collect giant books filled with every fact one would ever need to know about the X-Men. From there, I began to branch out and explore the Marvel universe and tried to learn everything I could about the characters that lived in it.

When I started dating my husband Steven, he introduced me to the DC universe. Growing up, I knew who the DC characters were but I was never interested enough learnbatman-2216148_1920 more about them. Steven’s passion for DC was enough for me to at least give it a try. Now, I love both Marvel and DC and it makes for great conversations (sometimes debates) when we compare the characters and universes; I still prefer Marvel and Steven still prefers DC and that’s completely okay! I’m slowly adding more to my collection of comic books and graphic novels and I hope to branch out and explore beyond Marvel and DC.