Cooking & Baking

Out of all of my interests, cooking and baking has to be the most underdeveloped. Although I love the idea of being in the kitchen and creating delicious dishes, my lazinessegg-944495_1920 tends to hold me back from fully exploring my potential. I know it’s a terrible excuse but by the time I get home from a long and exhausting day at work, the last thing I want to think about is what to make for dinner. Even on the weekends, I still struggle to get up and make something. I do enjoy watching cooking and baking videos on YouTube though, and I try to take mental or literal notes whenever I learn any tips or tricks. Between cooking and baking, the latter is what I feel most confident about. My sister and I joke that she got the cooking gene and I got the baking gene. She has the ability to create something with just a few ingredients and never has to follow a recipe. On the other hand, I tend to excel in baking because it’s more of a science that requires strict measurements, which I feel more comfortable with.

I love finding new recipes to add to my recipe book, even if it doesn’t get used as often as I would like. My sister actually made me a custom recipe book with all of our family’s bell-pepper-569070_1920favorite recipes, and it is one of my most treasured belongings in my possession. I also occasionally fall down the rabbit hole that many people know as Pinterest, which is an extremely dangerous website to be on because there is no end to it! I could spend countless hours pinning recipes that I know I probably won’t ever use, but at least it’s nice to know they’re there in case I do ever decide to try them out. I hope to overcome my laziness someday so that I can view cooking and baking as something fun to do, as opposed to a chore that has to get done.