Cosplay & Fandoms

13391555_10154825530077004_3182704315590651332_oI’ve always felt that I haven’t experienced the full potential of Comi-Con. Every year, my husband and I tell ourselves that we will dress up as our favorite characters but it has yet to happen so far. We’ve only attended in our casual fandom clothes and sort of meandered around until we found a panel that caught our attention. Someday I hope to go all out with our costumes and do everything we’ve always wanted to do in the past, but was unable to due to finances or lack of proper planning. I am in awe of those who have dedicated vast amounts of time, energy and money into their costumes. If I’m being completely honest, one of my goals is to dress up as one of my favorite characters and have it be good enough that someone will want to take a picture with me. I would also like to plan a group photo with characters of the same show, movie, video game, etc.

The fandoms that I see at these conventions are truly amazing! What makes it all so fun is to be surrounded by people who are completely passionate about their fandoms. I also13320797_10154825100227004_1946240414809276998_o love the wide range of fandoms to choose from, whether it’s something small and not as well-known to others, or a big powerhouse that creates cult followings. Finding people who share that mutual love of a fandom is one of the most rewarding experiences and can create long-lasting friendships (and sometimes even romantic relationships!). So, if you’ve never been to a convention but you really enjoy a certain fandom, or even if you’re not really into the hardcore followings but are still interested in attending, I say give it a try!

13305183_10154825473052004_3489946041496598509_oSomeday, I hope to branch out and try other conventions other that Comi-Con. I would be thrilled to attend K-Con, BookExpo or any sort of Anime convention. Hopefully someday in the future I will have the opportunity to attend at least one of these other conventions. Both my husband and I hope to someday attend a San Diego Comi-Con in the future, but in the meantime, we will continue to attend our local Comi-Con whenever we can.