Films & Theatre

teresa-wright-399482_1920I have always been an avid fan of films. For as long as I can remember, watching movies was a favorite hobby of mine. I love the art of storytelling, so seeing a story play out before my eyes on the big screen was a truly enjoyable experience. It wasn’t until later in life that I began to view films critically. Before, I would go see a movie and say that I liked it or didn’t like it, but never really gave a reason for my decision. Now, I tend to go into a movie prepared to take mental notes on aspects I enjoyed, didn’t enjoy or things that I thought the movie could have done better. To be honest though, this trait of mine tends to annoy my husband Steven from time to time. He prefers to go into a movie without the thoughts of a critic and instead chooses to enjoy (or not enjoy) the movie as it is, without reading too much into everything. That being said, he does still have his own opinions on things he liked or didn’t like, but it’s definitely not as hardcore as how I view movies. Our different opinions on movie-watching do make for some interesting debates though!

Another form of storytelling that I absolutely adore is theatre (or theater). I enjoy bothaladdin-886589_1920 musicals and non-musicals. Both of my parents loved theatre so I’m sure that’s where my interest in it began. Out of all the shows I’ve seen, ‘Wicked’ is my favorite. I remember when I saw it for the first time, I was completely blown away. The actors, the sets, and the music were phenomenal! My experience with non-musical theatre is more limited. I grew up mostly watching musicals, so when I first saw The Odd Couple and The Diary of Anne Frank I kept wondering when the characters were going to burst into song. I also had the pleasure of being a part of my high school production of Harvey (I was the cab driver).