Video Games

game-2294201_1920I owe my love for video games to my older brothers, and I am so grateful that they introduced them to me at such a young age. My earliest memory of playing video games was at my grandparent’s house; they owned a NES system and my siblings and I would play Super Mario 3 for hours. Of course, being the youngest meant I always had to patiently wait my turn but I was totally fine with that since we all just had a good time playing the game with each other. At home, we owned a Nintendo 64 and some of my absolute favorite games that I remember were; ‘Mario Kart 64’, ‘Diddy Kong Racing’, etc. I remember when my brothers would play more mature games; I would just sit and watch them play. They loved playing ‘Resident Evil’ and I would just get comfortable next to them and watch (with my hands partly covering my eyes, of course).

When I got older, we got a Playstation 2 and my parents bought some games that I could play on my own. I remember my first ‘non-kid’ game being Kingdom Hearts and it is stillvideo-games-1557358_1920 to this day one of my all time favorite games. I fell in love with Kingdom Hearts because I had always been obsessed with anything Disney related, so when I saw that the story revolved around Disney characters, I knew it was love at first sight. Even now, I’m an avid video game fan. I actually watch people on YouTube play video games that I no longer own or have never played before.

My husband and I both thoroughly enjoy playing video games and one of the things that we bonded over when we first started dating was playing Pokémon. Truthfully though, I haven’t been as good about picking the games up recently since I have so many other things I’m interested in, but he still continues to play them every now and then.