Japanese Language & Culture

natural-1225186_1920My interest in the Japanese language and culture started when I watched my first ‘Slice of Life’ anime; Bokura Ga Ita or We Were There. I had only seen fantasy or sci-fi anime before, so when I watched Bokura Ga Ita, I became fascinated with the language and daily lives of Japanese students (I’m well aware that anime and reality are different but there are still some aspects of anime that accurately represent everyday life of a Japanese high school student). I started to watch more ‘Slice of Life’ anime and my love for Japan grew deeper and stronger. I was ecstatic when I discovered Japanese ‘Daily Vloggers’ on YouTube, and I can honestly say I have spent countless hours watching their videos. I considered attempting to learn the language (I could only say and understand a few phrases that anime commonly use) but as I did more research, I realized how incredibly challenging it would be.


After a lot of consideration, I decided to learn Korean. Although I would love to learnlandscape-view-802931_1920 Japanese so I could use it to watch and understand my favorite anime in its original language without subtitles, the written language is quite intimidating to me. I decided to choose Korean because of its alphabet, which is one of the easiest alphabets to learn. Not to say that Korean is an easy language to learn, but I feel like I have more of an advantage if I understand its alphabet. If you want to know more about my progression with learning Korean and my interest in Korean culture, check out the “Korean Language & Culture” and “Asian Dramas” pages.