Manga & Manhwa

window-732539_1920I discovered manga and manhwa after I discovered anime. Whenever I found an anime that I really enjoyed, I usually became very frustrated at the end of it because I wanted more and felt that the series had more to offer. That’s when I learned that manga and manhwa existed, and it was one of the greatest discoveries I have ever made. I thought to myself “wait…there’s more to the story? I just have to read it instead of watch it? Sign me up!” The first series where this occurred was Naruto. If anyone is familiar with this anime, then you’ll know that most of the episodes are filler. After I had watched the first season of it, I got my husband into the show and we continued watching it together. Unfortunately, it was an ongoing series at the time which meant we had to wait for every new episode to be released online. Some episodes focused on the main story-line but most of them were filler, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I found a website that offered the manga online and started from the very beginning (in case I might miss important information that only the manga offered) and was able to complete the entire series without having to deal with filler content. To be clear, it’s not that I hate filler episodes, but I like when they are limited and spaced out. Naruto’s filler episodes were the complete opposite of what I wanted.


Through manga and manhwa, I have discovered so many amazing stories. I also became inspired by the artwork and started to get familiar with different mangakas and manhwagas, who all had their own individual art styles. As I have been writing my own stories, I tend to visualize them in manga form. I hope to not only publish my stories as written novels but also in comic form. I love the art of visual storytelling, so of course I would want to use the same format for my own stories.