My Writing Journey


My writing journey began in the early months of 2016. After constantly dwelling on the characters and stories I had created in my head, I finally decided to get it all out and opened up a single word document. From there, the rest of my creations came pouring out and before I knew it I had 13 different original story ideas to work with (as well as 11 Fanfiction stories). I can’t believe I was even able to keep track of all of those different stories and characters! After I finished, I felt like a weight had been lifted from me and that I could finally think with a clear mind. Before, I would find myself constantly daydreaming about my ideas and would even have a difficult time concentrating at work. So, now that I had all of my ideas laid out in front of me, what was the next step?

I had a few stories that I kept gravitating towards but couldn’t quite decide on which one to start with. It finally came down to two very different ideas; one being a paranormal romance and the other being a contemporary slice of life. Ultimately, I chose to start with the paranormal romance because I felt it would be somewhat easier for a beginner like me. I had already done a significant amount of brainstorming for my contemporary manuscript, but I was wary to start it because it focused on a completely different country and culture from my own; I knew it was going to require a huge amount my time and a lot of research.


So I finally picked my story, now what? I started with writing out the major plot points, from beginning to end. After that, I thought about what smaller sub-plots to plug in and soon enough I had a real story in front of me. I started to map out my characters by giving them personalities and back stories, and after that I began to cast their actors/actresses. By that I mean I would basically find actors/actresses who I felt looked like my characters. This method really helped me flesh out my characters by imagining them as real people, and the rest of the character mapping was pretty simple after I knew what they looked like.

Now, I’m creating my outline and I honestly don’t think I could ever write my story without one. I know some people are “pantsers” and that they prefer to write without knowing exactly where the story is going. However, that method would never work with my personality since I like to know what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen and why.

Truthfully, I never imagined I would be doing this and it’s crazy to think that it’s actually happening! I also never thought about how hard writing a book really is. It makes me sincerely appreciate all of the writers out there that have not only finished their novels but also those who are still working on them. I promise I will continue to push through the struggles and self-doubt, because if other writers can do it then so can I. For any other writers out there who are having a hard time, remember that you’re not alone!