Television & Multimedia Series

remote-control-932273_1920I included multimedia series (Netflix original series, etc.) and television series together because ultimately, I consider them to be the same thing. They are both live action series that go on for at least one season. My husband and I are avid fans of shows, especially my husband. He has the tendency to watch certain series over and over again, even if he has already seen them multiple times. Some of these shows include but are not limited to: Frasier, Scrubs, The Office, Malcolm in the Middle, and 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and That 70’s Show. To be honest though, these are the go-to shows for both of us, but I usually watch from the sidelines while I’m doing something else. However, if he happens to be watching any of these shows, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll end up stopping what I was doing and watch the rest of the episode with him. I would say 5% of our conversations are made up of references to all of these series, and it ends up becoming a game to see if one of us can remember which show/episode/scene/character our reference is from.

Although my husband and I have multiple interests that we bond over, watching these shows prove to be the main one. Almost our entire arsenal of inside jokes comes from the shows we watch and it creates a special way of communicating for us. If you haven’t seen any of the shows I listed above, I highly recommend you check them out!